Distinguished Toastmaster and the Presidential Citation recipient, current Club Growth Director of District 41, Ranjit Acharya is a Toastmaster member for two decades now. He started as a member of Kathmandu Toastmasters Club and was instrumental in opening Everest Toastmasters club in 2004 as a charter member. Acharya, is by profession known as advertising guru…

 Noted Writer and Academic

Professor Tulasi Diwasa Poet and Folklore Expert

Dr. Jagman Gurung Vice Chancellor, Nepal Academy

Maya Thakuri Noted Writer

Ashes Malla Noted Writer, Playwright and Director

Dinesh Adhikari Noted Poet and Lyricist

Ms, Manju Kanchuli Tiwari Noted Writer

Ragini Upadhyay Artist / Former Chancellor, Nepal First woman Chancellor at Nepal Academy of Fine Art

Bhishma Upreti Noted Poet and writer